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Photo © Klaus-Jürgen Krah

06/24/2023 D-Berlin, Jazzclub Schlotwith Thärichens Tentett
06/23/2023 D-Kaufbeuren, Stadtsaal with Thärichens Tentett
06/21/2023 D-Düren, Jazztage with Jocelyn B. Smith
06/15/2023 D-Bendorf, Rhein Musik Festival with Jocelyn B. Smith
06/02/2023 D-Berlin, Haus des Rundfunks with BigBand Deutsche Oper
05/27/2023 D-Hamburg, Birdland with Sidemen
05/26/2023 D-Lübeck, CVJM with Sidemen
05/25/2023 D-Berlin, A-Trane with Sidemen
05/14/2023 D-Berlin, ZigZag with Stefan Grütter
05/14/2023 D-Berlin, Gedächtniskirche, X-Jazz with Jocelyn B. Smith
05/05/2023 D-Berlin, b-flat with Streamline
05/04/2023 D-Bonn, Jazzfest with Thärichens Tentett
04/29/2023 D-München, Unterfahrt with Thärichens Tentett
04/28/2023 A-Wien, Porgy & Bess with Thärichens Tentett
04/27/2023 D-Regensburg, Jazzclub with Thärichens Tentett
04/13/2023 D-Berlin, A-Trane with Yakou Tribe
03/25/2023 D-Salzwedel, Club Hanseat with Thärichens Tentett
03/24/2023 D-Dinslaken, Kathrin Türks Halle with Thärichens Tentett
03/11/2023 D-Dessau, Marienkirche with Jocelyn B. Smith
03/01/2023 D-Hamburg, Rolf-Liebermann-Saal with NDR BigBand
02/28/2023 D-Hamburg, Rolf-Liebermann-Saal with NDR BigBand
02/26/2023 D-Hamburg, Elbphilharmonie with NDR BigBand
02/12/2023 L-Luxembourg, Grand Théâtre with Berliner Ensemble
02/11/2023 L-Luxembourg, Grand Théâtre with Berliner Ensemble
02/10/2023 L-Luxembourg, Grand Théâtre with Berliner Ensemble
01/21/2023 D-Berlin, Jazzclub Schlot with Thärichens Tentett
01/19/2023 D-Berlin, SpeakEazy with Carsten Schmelzer

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